300gr fresh button mushrooms
1 small potato
2 garlic cloves
150gr frozen peas
50gr leek, white part only
A pinch of fresh parsley
1 vegetable soup cube
SOLIA FIT oil, salt, pepper, herb mix
250gr readymade puff pastry dough

Finely slice button mushrooms. Finely slice garlic and leek and sauté both together in 2 tablespoons of SOLIA FIT oil. Add button mushrooms and continue to sauté for several minutes at a medium temperature constantly stirring. Season with pepper and salt to taste. Add finely diced potatoes, some freshly chopped parsley and peas. Pour in 500ml of stock made from instant soup cube. Cook until vegetables are soft. Once vegetables are cooked, pure them in a blender and season with herb mix to your liking. Place the pureed vegetables in a heatproof dish or an earthenware pot, some 20cm in diameter. Stretch the puff pastry dough on a surface dusted with flour, cover the pot with the puff pastry dough and then press its ends against the top and outer walls of the pot to make the dough stick. Brush the pastry dough with some SOLIA FIT oil. Heat the oven to 200’C, place the dish inside and bake for some 20 minutes or until pastry turns golden brown.