1/2 kg stale rye or buckwheat bread
200 ml carbonated water
200 ml reduced fat sour cream
200 ml SOLIA FIT oil
100 gr cheese (any cheese that can be grated or crumbled)
5 eggs
50 soy cheese– tofu (smoked tofu is the best, raw tofu can be used instead but press it well to squeeze out excess water)

Crumble stale rye or buckwheat bread or dice it. If the bread is only a day old and still fresh, let it dry for an hour or two. Beat the eggs and add carbonated water, sour cream, SOLIA FIT oil, salt and finally crumbled tofu. Pour this mix over the bread chunks, mix to combine and pour the dish into an oiled baking tray. Top with crumbled or grated cheese, whichever you prefer. Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at 200 °C or until the cheese top turns golden.